Top 6 Lead Handling & Response Tips

Jan 17, 2020 by Director of Account Services

Top 6 Lead Handling & Response Tips
Top 6 Lead Handling Tips

Are you missing out on sales? Lead Handling is arguably the most important part of your online sales funnel. Don’t let your website leads go to waste! Follow these six lead handling tips to make the most of your leads.

1. Respond Quickly

Customers expect a near-instant response. Studies show that if customers are not contacted back within five minutes of showing interest, the risk of losing them is high. In fact, the risk of losing a customer after ten minutes of no-contact is as high as 80%. [1]

Keep in mind that most customers also contact more than one business. 78% of customers buy from the first company that responds. [2] Make sure you have a person or plan in place for all potential lead sources, including your social media listings.


2. Stay Engaged & Don't Give Up

While everyone knows cherry-picking leads is bad business, not following up can be equally detrimental. One Harvard Business study showed that salespeople may be giving up too soon - those who called an average of six times had a 90% chance of making contact versus those who only made one or two calls. [3] The sales funnel for some industries are 120-days or more.

3. Create a Long Term Plan

Staying engaged doesn't just apply to the short-term, especially in automotive. For example, the average new car buying cycle is 90 days. Businesses need to stay in touch and provide value throughout this timeframe if they expect to close the sale. If you are not following up with 'older' leads, you are missing out on many sales opportunities. [4]


4. No Auto-Responders! 

Since every consumer and lead is different, you need to treat them as such. You cannot handle a brand-new lead the same way you handle someone who has been in your CRM for weeks. The use of auto-responder is not recommended!

5. After-Hours Opportunity 

While your business may have set hours, your online storefront is always open. Make sure you have a plan for after-hours. Setting up systems like live chat, email automation, and messenger monitoring can help to keep your after-hours leads engaged. These systems can even set appointments for you for when you do reopen.

6. Measure Everything

Make sure you understand your data. Do you record phone calls? Measure the average length of each call? How many leads per person? Who is the top performer or lowest performer? You will never be an expert in lead handling unless you can measure what you wish to manage.  

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