Over 150 team members sharing a passion to be the best!

At Click Here Digital, we are go-getters, connected, motivated, fun and always innovating. We prioritize diversity and believe in a culture rooted in collaboration, growth and transparency. There is a passion for excellence that is reflected in our inclusiveness, strong focus on developing leadership skills, continuous education and investment in cutting-edge technology. We’re opening pathways to being world-class both for ourselves and for our customers, each and every day.

We are competitors

Being great at digital marketing is fundamentally about out-competing other businesses with better campaigns, better tactics and better responsiveness to change. We love pushing the envelope to deliver excellent service so that our customers can be the best in their markets. Operating in highly competitive businesses requires constant growth at both an individual and company level. So if you like to grow and want to be the best, Click Here Digital is the place for you.

Continuous Learning

We know that we’re only as good as our people. That’s why we dedicate substantial resources to help develop our team. There is a dedicated learning platform with a variety of courses to become a digital marketing master, along with dedicated coaches and trainers whose sole purpose is to help you reach your potential. You can be sure that at Click Here Digital you’ll have access to all the tools to ensure your success!

We are a community that values collaboration

At Click Here Digital the success machine extends to working as a well-oiled, closely knit team. We have fun together, help each other to grow, share moments of joy and pain. CHD doesn’t function like a lot of companies where people are just showing up for a paycheck. And our customers are part of this community, we aim to treat every business as if it was our own. So we will tell business managers to do what’s best for their operations even if it means less revenue for CHD. Oh, and dogs are part of the family too, we have a few wandering our offices!

Diversity is a superpower!

Inclusiveness is one of our superpowers with our highly diverse team contributing a broad mix of viewpoints to our culture. We strive to both listen to and engage with all of our community, both internal and external, ensuring an equal professional environment for all. And of course our diversity makes us better able to serve our customers, helping them to sell to people that look and act just like us!

Fun is core to our mission!

We believe that having fun together makes us better and helps create a work environment where everyone can thrive. Whether it’s a group lunch on Fridays, the occasional party or playing a game together there are always opportunities to connect and foster our sense of community. And our extended family of dogs always contribute to the fun.

Treat people with kindness

At Click Here Digital we’ve adopted a nurturing environment for our people. Our executive team sits down with even our most junior employees to work on their career development. Employees are encouraged to design their own ambitious growth plans. There is no fixed calendar for moving up. Salary reviews are carried out every six months. On-site coaches help everyone to expand their soft skills. We’ve thrown a lot of conventional wisdom about HR in the trash and are all the better for it.

Values that aren’t just window dressing

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Play for the team
  3. Bring passion
  4. Improve continuously
  5. Think like an owner

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