ClickIQ Online Marketing Portal

The Marketing Performance Platform for Leading-edge Companies

ClickIQ is our proprietary platform for seeing your marketing performance, both online and offline, in real-time. Website traffic, leads, calls, store visits and sales, all in one place, all measured against historical performance. So when we talk we’re having a conversation about strategy, increasing sales and advertising ROI not just clicks.

Great Technology Drives Growth

Single Point of Truth

With ClickIQ discover an end-to-end, online + offline view of your business like you’ve never experienced before. We integrate  all digital platforms, customer location data and your CRM enabling this deep understanding of your sales success drivers.

We Talk ROI

We walk and talk sales and ROI, not just traffic and clicks. ClickIQ is designed to focus attention on core business KPIs and growth opportunities so that every action we take is linked directly to sales-focused strategies. 

Early Warning Systems

Real-time monitoring and alerts ensure that unexpected falls in core business metrics or outages in critical marketing systems are detected and corrected before they result in lost leads and sales. 

No cookies, no problem

The transition away from cookies is an opportunity for advanced marketers to get an edge. We have a fully defined playbook for the cookieless future centered on leveraging your own, first-party data to drive marketing performance. Our technology is highly secure with encryption of all personal information and is fully integrated with Google Analytics 4 to be fully prepared for your current and future needs.

TaskIQ Productivity Platform

The Operating System for Innovative Digital Consulting & Marketing Services

The TaskIQ platform is key to our unparalleled response times and overall service quality. Custom built to support our high-touch consulting capabilities, TaskIQ brings together a comprehensive customer view, the team supporting that business and all the tools needed to optimize customer success. This includes a sophisticated task management system, details of every account movement and a variety of tools all laser focused on helping our team to deliver maximum value to each and every customer.

A Key Part of Our Secret Sauce:
World-class Software Developed Over 30-Years

Service Quality via Innovation

Our in-house software development team is constantly pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished in digital marketing, incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques so that we get progressively smarter. Smarter tech means our consulting team can more quickly zero in on opportunities, execute strategies with greater precision and sustain optimum strategies for our customers.

Simplicity First

The digital advertising landscape is complex with multiple advertising platforms, different campaigns each with their own strategies and creative assets, CRM, inventory and sales systems, physical location information and customer privacy issues. We’re experts at slicing and dicing the complexity into a series of core business metrics so that you can visualize your success factors in understandable language for easy decision making.

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