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Live Sports

Click Here Digital has the #1 network in the digital space for sports and is the leading entertainment brand that Americans turn to for sporting events, reaching highly engaged fans who visit ESPN daily, and spend more time on ESPN consuming content. American sports fans are shifting to exclusively streaming services...

  • 84% of sports fans watch content regularly on online streaming platforms
  • 67% of sports fans are willing to watch sports exclusively on streaming platforms
  • Sports are the #1 consideration when cutting the cord

Streaming On-Demand services are on the rise

With streaming on-demand services on the rise, there has been a huge shift in digital dollars moving to other comparable digital media tactics in order to reach the same audience, which has been disrupting broadcast television. Take a quick time-out and think about what’s consistently viewed week after week: live sports.


The Most Loved Sports Brand

The ESPN App is bigger than the next 8 sports apps combined. It is the most loved sports brand among all demographics: among all age groups, men and women, and black and hispanic communities.

36 consecutive months at #1 in digital

3.4x more unique than the #2 app

38% greater reach than #2 sports property

45% market penetration in every DMA

Multi-Channel sports strategy within the ESPN ecosystem

With ESPN's live streaming and TV experience, you have coverage on all platforms, all networks, and all devices for games and programming on the ESPN family of networks.

  • Live Stream OTT/CTV
  • Video on Demand/Pre-Roll
  • Premium Display

While habits have shifted for nearly all program genres, live viewing remains the standard for sports

Watching live sports is not the same if you’re not watching it live. You are naive to believe that you will watch a recording of the game without your friends around. You will most likely tune into highlights on ESPN or look up up-to-date scores or final scores and outcomes online. When the next game rolls around, you are going to make sure you are there to see it live with everyone else. The demographic and mindset of avid sports fans is a demographic you can count on during your TV advertising slots.

When you advertise on ESPN...

You don't only get access to all of ESPN and its family of networks, but you will also be advertising to anyone who streams from the app on ESPN+,  Youtube TV, Sling, Direct TV Stream, Roku, Cox, Apple TV, Verizon Fios, Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, and Spectrum.

Key U.S. Programming

According to studies, over 85% of all sports viewing happens live. That means that being visible during these events gives you a truly unique opportunity to reach a very large audience across multiple screen sizes and different genres of content.

Advertising on ESPN is easier than you think, without the price tag Super Bowl ads command. Live sports encompasses everything from Monday Night Football, college athletics, outdoor sporting events, and even Crossfit. Accessing the ‘Big Event’ or ‘Big Game’ is vast and broad.

Daily & Weekly Sport-Specific Studio Shows for...

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