Click Here Digital Becomes a Supporting Member of the Automotive Standards Council for GA4

May 7th 2023 by Rachael Schuette, Content Marketer

As the next wave of analytics approaches, the need for efficient processes becomes increasingly important. This is where the Automotive Standards Council comes in, a diverse group of marketers who are passionate about implementing Google Analytics 4 into the automotive industry.

Click Here Digital recognizes the crucial role of GA4 in the automotive industry, which is why we have elected to become a Supporting Member of the Automotive Standards Council.

With GA4 presenting numerous uncertainties, our collaboration with ASC has provided us with a sense of security and guidance, enabling us to navigate uncharted waters with greater confidence!

What is the ASC Automotive Standards Council?

Brian Pasch established the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 to standardize event and conversion tracking within the automotive industry. Click Here Digital is proud to say that we’re a supporting member of this group that’s leading the way into new analytics!

"Brian and his team have done an exceptional amount of work to try and standardize user events and activities that occur on automotive websites. This will not only be valuable to us, but to the dealers themselves." B.J. Cason - Chief Data Officer, Click Here Digital

A Partnership to Help Streamline Processes & Elevate Standards

Since becoming a supporting member, we’ve been able to establish a more standardized GA4 conversion setup that will help our current and upcoming auto clients get a better understanding of where their leads are coming from and the steps that they are taking down the conversion path.

We actively participate in monthly ASC meetings, where our team not only gains knowledge but also contributes valuable feedback, knowledge, discoveries, and insights to our peers in the council. These meetings can be likened to a "meeting of the minds," where all attendees benefit from the collective wisdom and expertise of the group.

Why Should Your Business Care About the Automotive Standards Council?

The Automotive Standards Council was formed in 2022 and is composed of a group of vendors, dealers, and agencies within the industry. As members of the council, all parties are able to exchange information, updates, and insights on platform migration and best practices for property creation.

What are 3 key benefits that this partnership brings?

  1. Our partnership with the Automotive Standards Council allows us to better allocate budget based on actual performance due to more granular conversion data.
  2. We've gained access to consistent naming conventions for conversion tracking of our clients within the Google Analytics 4 interface. This is a major improvement since many vendors who are now members of the council did not previously support Google Analytics tracking.
  3. We’re able to provide even more valuable insights to our clients, such as how many click-to-call conversions actually connected to the dealer's phone system, how many were logged into their CRM, and how many generated a sales or service opportunity.
As members of the council, we’re thankful to have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and we share a sense of confidence in sharing that knowledge among one another. Each member brings their own unique expertise and experience, and they are passionate and open-minded about exploring innovative ways to approach digital marketing changes in the industry.

Rev Up Your Auto Business with Click Here Digital!

In today's ever-changing automotive industry, Click Here Digital is a smart choice for businesses looking to achieve long-term success, and we now owe a big thanks to our partnership with the Automotive Standards Council.

We believe that having clean and specific data is extremely important, along with the chance to support our clients in tracking leads from all their website vendors instead of only a few. This is what will make our partnership with the ASC successful, and we can see it through the long-term performance of our campaign channels and most importantly, our clients' performance and satisfaction.

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