COVID-19 is Causing a Shift in Digital Marketing - Here's What You Need to Do Right Now!

With all of the uncertainty in the news cycle has created this week due to the outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, it can be difficult to refrain from making any knee-jerk decisions for your business, especially your digital marketing spend. The financial market fluctuations, National Emergency declaration, and school closings have created a lot of change in many verticals, including the automotive sector.

However, not all of the change analysts are monitoring is inherently bad. Where some digital consultants are seeing a threat, our analysts are seeing a massive opportunity for our automotive clients.

Top digital marketing trends that every automotive dealership should know during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

  1. Screen time is up 30% nationally, with mobile apps seeing the biggest increase!
  2. Website traffic is trending up across 15 of our largest clients.
  3. Click Here Digital is working directly with Google to build smarter profiles, in real-time. 
  4. Sporting event cancellations provide a major opportunity to move that budget into digital marketing.
  5. $1.5 trillion of new market liquidity means financing a car has never been easier, even for those with poor credit!


In the last week, we have been monitoring and analyzing automotive-specific and overall industry traffic trends, conversion rates, and in-target consumer profiles. The results were not what you would have expected. Even though overall Google sessions were down, the automotive sector had a slight increase in traffic across our clients' portfolios. In our research, we have even found that, 

Amazon is experiencing some of the highest levels of At-Home Shopping & Prime Video viewership we have seen since Black Friday.

With the cancellation of sporting events, traditional media is scrambling to keep people’s attention. Instead,  Americans are using mobile applications and streaming devices at record-high rates. If you haven’t given serious thought to quickly pivoting marketing spend from traditional advertising into social media, digital marketing, and other streaming services—Hulu, Amazon, and Roku—now’s the time! Learn more about shifting to Connected TV Advertising!

Now, more than ever your customers are online and they have the time to shop around before they buy! 

With more pending business and office closures on the horizon due to quarantines and social distancing, automotive dealers could be taking advantage of an entirely new audience that is much larger, more engaged, and with more time to make an informed decision on their purchase.

"78% of US is now working from home"

- Google

New potential target audiences automotive dealers can reach digitally:
    •    Working parents (new school closures)

    •    Teachers 

    •    Professionals now working from home 

    •    Sports fans in large cities 

Use Digital Marketing Strategies to Reach New Target Audiences During COVID-19

It is of pivotal importance to us that our clients are well-informed and have the latest on real-time, data-driven trends in the automotive space. Click Here Digital's data science team has been closely collaborating on research and development with our Google & Facebook partners to help arm our clients with digital marketing strategies for COVID-19 and other tough times like these. 

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