Digital Advertising for Your Legal Firm

Jul 11, 2019 by Director of Account Services

Digital Advertising for Your Legal Firm
Digital Advertising for Legal Firms

With over 25 years of legal advertising experience, the team at Click Here Digital has helped law firms in some of the nation’s most competitive markets grow their client base. Here are the starting points to move your practice forward by enhancing the online presence for your firm:

1. Invest in Digital 

Anyone can be a victim. If your potential client knows your name before an incident, you are more likely to be hired to be their representative. A strong brand was traditionally cultivated on billboards and television. Today, the vast majority of our attention as a society has shifted to the digital realm, including social media, video consumed on the internet, streaming TV (ConnectedTV), and more. It is more important than ever to have a strong digital presence, putting you in front of your audience when it matters most.  

Social Media is the most cost-effective advertising solution and should be a part of all legal digital strategies. The key to success with social media is to BE AUTHENTIC. You don’t want to put all of your focus on selling clients to hire you. Focus also on being a face and name that people recognize and want to do business with. They might not need you at that moment, but you want them to remember you when they do.

2. Reputation & Online Reviews

Your Google Reviews are the gateway to your success. Clients want to know that you are real people that they would actually like in person. It is crucial that law firms reply to every review and engage - whether good or bad. Good reviews are an important opportunity to thank your customers who have taken the time to leave you a review. However, bad reviews actually are an even bigger opportunity. By responding to a bad review and attempting to rectify the situation, you are publicly showing potential clients that you care about client experience and their feedback. 

3. If You Work on Contingency, Let People Know

This is the “you don’t pay unless we win” type of messaging you see on many commercials or lawyer’s websites. People often assume that they can’t afford an attorney, even if they really need one. An injured client already has hospital expenses, lost wages, car damage, and more finances to consider in addition to a court or attorney fee. This policy takes the pressure off. They have nothing to lose by contacting an attorney. 

Choosing a Top Legal Digital Marketing Agency 

It is crucial that law firms select a digital marketing agency with experience working with the legal field, one that knows the industry and knows how to help their law firm succeed in the digital world. With over 25 years of experience in legal and the digital sphere, the data-driven team at Click Here Digital has helped legal firms in some of the nation’s most competitive markets grow their business, gaining greater market share and increasing their brand awareness across various platforms. 

As a leading paid search marketing, social media advertising, and SEO consultancy for the legal industry, our Google-certified team of consultants work with some of the most prominent attorneys and law firms in the region, including top Louisiana and Texas law firms like Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys and Sloan Law Firm. Utilizing enterprise technologies and exclusive partnerships, our team has mastered how to achieve an effective online presence that drives conversions.

Our strategists serve as trusted digital advisors for attorneys who serve in various fields of law, including criminal law, personal injury, immigration law, and family law. We work with our partners to create personalized integrated digital strategies that result in more qualified leads for their legal practice.


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