Embracing the "Digital First" Mindset

May 9th 2018 by Bo White

Click Here Digital is a “Digital First” Agency, meaning we’ve never been anything else. With 25 years of experience in digital publishing, our business has pivoted and grown WITH the internet (we’re both the same age).

"Digital First” is not an intention. It’s a mindset. If an advertisement is designed for the internet, it is “Digital First.” It includes mobile optimized content that is engaging, high-paced, and designed to be seen in news feeds, on social media, in video portals, etc. Even the STORY ARC is different.

What led to this mindset? Journeying through marketing history from the 1950's to now, it seems to be a no-brainer.

From RADIO to Television

With the rise of television in the 1950's, marketers gained access to a new medium that was growing extremely popular. Have you ever seen the first Television Commercial? 77 years ago, Bulova ran the first (legal) television commercial — a grainy, shaky 10-second spot on NBC following a Dodgers-Phillies game.

The commercial cost Bulova $4, and it was only seen by a few thousand people in New York who owned TVs. "Evidence is mounting that [TV] will gain little headway for 'the duration,'" Ad Age wrote in June 1941 following the FCC's approval of commercial TV.

Television’s Decline and Digital’s Rise

Fast forward to 2018, the majority of audiences’ attentions are increasingly turning away from television and moving toward MOBILE devices and social media. According to Tubular Insights, 92% of millennials browse on mobile devices while watching TV programs.

Because users have lower attention spans and the interactive ability to skip, switch, and speed up at their fingertips, with millions of options for different content, we’re now introducing multiple peaks, early brand cues, and multiple ways to reward users for sticking around and watching!

What does this mean for our advertising today? Are you launching “Digital First” advertisements? Or like Bulova’s Radio Ad being used on TV, are you running TV ads on Digital Channels?

“Digital First” Mindset

Reacting to these market shifts, many agencies turned their focus and resources toward digital marketing after years (or even months) as traditional media companies.

It must seem weird to us to watch a “Radio First” TV ad, and that’s because the ad doesn’t take advantage of sight, only sound. It was an ad made for Radio that they were also able to play on TV. Today, TV ads look a lot better as advertisers have learned new strategies, A/B tested and retested various visuals and sounds, etc.

With internet advertising still in its infancy, we’re seeing some awkward ads displayed on all platforms and channels. These ads are made for TV; however, they can be used for the internet. At Click Here Digital, we’re “Digital First.” It’s who we are. Our strategy of “Digital First” videos can also be used for TV. We’ve flipped the script because we know how the majority of audiences are searching and finding their information.

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