How to Rank for Searches Including "Best"

February 27th 2020 by Director of SEO

Searches including the word 'best' have increased by more than 80% in the last two years. 'Best' seems to be the new 'Near Me'; searchers in today's world assume that search engines already know where they are located. They are also impatient and short on time.

But how “best” is determined depends on the shopper. The deciding factor is often personal criteria that transcends price, quality, and availability. Shoppers have clear intent to purchase whtever is best for them, and 'best' differs from person to person.

With these searches on the rise, we have a few tips for how you can catch the attention of active searchers.

1. Include Phrases that Match Search Terms

Six out of 10 online shoppers enter the market unsure which specific brand to buy. You have the power to influence their decision. If you want to rank for "Best SUV for Moms", you better start writing content for it! Not only is it important to sprinkle these phrases in, but you must also justify WHY. This brings us to the next tip.

2. Tailor Your Marketing to Your Specific Audience's Needs

What features meet the criteria for best? If your audience is a mom looking for an SUV, she'll likely care about saftey features and rear air conditioning. It is important to keep your audience top of mind when presenting relevant information.

3. Make Sure Key Product Features are Clearly Listed

Now that you've identified what audience we are appealing to and what they care about, make sure your information is easy to find on your site. With more than half of searches coming from mobile, it's important to clearly list features and benefits for smaller screen sizes. Today's consumer is also impatient; they don't want to spend a lot of time looking for what they need.

4. Reviews Are Critical

In Google's last algorithm, they gave more emphasis to businesses and products that had ample reviews. Reviews help a potential customer determine what their experience will be like based on valuable and unsolicited peer information.

5. Show the Product in Action

Beyond reviews is the product in action! Consumers want to see what they can expect from your product, and video is the perfect way to do that. Videos give potential purchasers another level of product confidence.

6. Enhance Your Why Buy Message

If the product you sell is similar to other retailers, what makes the experience of purchasing with you different? Showcasing your customer advantage will help influence purchasers to buy from you once they've made up their mind on purchasing.

With these six easy tips, you can be ranking for the 'best' searches in no time. If you still need a hand, consult with Click Here Digital's award-winning PA team. We're always happy to help!

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