Maximize Your Social Media Strategy with a Meta Business Partner Agency

February 5th 2024 by Ariana

When searching for an agency to grow your business’s social media presence, selecting an agency that is a Meta Certified Company with Meta Certified Professionals should be your top priority.

What is a Meta Certified Company & What are Meta Certified Professionals?

To simplify it, both are the gold medals of the social media marketing world. These two accreditations are the highest certifications acknowledged by Meta. The Meta Certified Company accolade is distributed to companies that meet or exceed Meta’s requirements of excellence.

For a company to receive the Meta Certified Company award, the company must have over 20% of its staff recognized as Meta Certified Professionals at the highest level of testing.

Becoming a Meta Certified Professional begins with taking and passing Meta’s extremely arduous exams. The exams cover scenarios where the test taker provides solutions to advertising buying and planning strategies for various industries on Meta platforms.

In summary, once a company has met the requirements for individual Meta Certified Professional credits, the company then applies to be recognized for Meta’s highest accreditation, the Meta Certified Company award.

At Click Here Digital 100% of our social media division has acquired their Meta Certified Professional badge making Click Here Digital a Meta Certified Company. Rest assured the Click Here Digital social media analyst assigned to launching your business on Facebook & Instagram is one of the best in the business and has received the prestigious Meta stamp of approval.

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