Meta Launches New Twitter Competitor, Threads

July 10th 2023 by McKenzie Yates

The competition between Facebook and Twitter is coming to a head after years of each platform vying for the title of "best social media app" in a way that social media users may not expect. When hearing that news, the question that may come to one's mind is, "Is Facebook changing to look and perform more like Twitter?" The quick answer is no. Facebook's parent company, Meta, has pulled out all stops to compete with Twitter in 2023 by creating a new app that they call, Threads which has been modeled to mirror and rival Twitter directly.

What Is Threads?

Since Twitter’s launch in 2006, it was only a matter of time before a company like Meta, known for overseeing Instagram and WhatsApp, would step forward with a similar platform. While we understand the intended purpose behind the development of Threads, the question remains: what does this new app, created by Zuckerberg's company, bring to the table, and does it truly live up to the high standards and unique experience that Twitter offers users?

When Meta set out to create Threads, they envisioned a platform that would be an open place for friendly conversation. As expected, the new app bears a striking resemblance to Twitter in terms of its visual appearance and functionality. When opening the app, users will see a feed comprising text-based posts, limited to 500 characters, accompanied by photos and videos. And just like Twitter, users can also reply, repost, and quote other users' posts as well. The app is meant to be a blend of Instagram navigation and structuring while offering the well-loved features that are synonymous with Twitter.

As far as accessibility goes, Threads is available to all Instagram users in over 100 countries expanding from personal accounts to creators to businesses. However, the platform is not available in the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland.

How to Log Into Threads Using Instagram

If you're considering making the switch from Twitter to Threads, you'll be pleased to know that getting started is a straightforward process. If you already have an Instagram account, you can log in to Threads using your existing Instagram credentials. Upon logging in, the app will prompt you to authenticate your credentials, and once verified, it will seamlessly transfer all your Instagram account data, including essential details such as your name, username, profile picture, followers, verification status, and even blocking lists. It's also worth noting that usernames on Threads will correspond to the same username used on the associated Instagram account and cannot be claimed by another profile. This effortless transition is particularly advantageous for businesses as it eliminates the need to start building your platform from scratch, allowing you to continue building upon the following you have already established.

Can You Advertise On Threads?

As we all know, social media platforms are a hotspot for marketing and selling business. So major corporations and small business owners are probably already concocting ways in which they can utilize Threads. While the prospect of having another outlet for advertisement and sales is exciting, there are currently no ad or monetization features on Threads.

However, the future of advertising on Threads seems promising, as some form of monetization is likely to become available on the platform sooner rather than later. But for now, Meta's priority is building a platform based on consumer value first and keeping their advertising on Facebook and Instagram, which will eventually allow users to explore a new avenue for building business value.

How Is Threads Different From Twitter?

While the concept behind Threads is not new by any means, Meta has improved the idea in their own version of a conversation text Threads app with the hope of creating a better experience for users. But what is Meta offering in this new app that will have users rushing to download?

1. Increased Character Limit Per Post

First and foremost, Threads makes Twitter pale in comparison when it comes to character limits. Instead of offering the maximum standard of 280 characters a post, you'll be able to write a max of 500 characters a post, which is only available through a monthly paid subscription on Twitter.

2. Longer Videos

One of the most exciting aspects that sets Threads apart from Twitter is the ability for users to share videos lasting up to five minutes, surpassing Twitter's limited twenty-second duration. This extended timeframe grants you the opportunity to showcase longer-form content, potentially paving the way for future monetization possibilities.

3. More Visibility On Other Platforms

One notable advantage of Threads over Twitter is its integration with Instagram, expanding its reach and potential visibility across multiple platforms. By allowing Instagram users to log in and seamlessly transfer their account data, Threads presents an opportunity for users to tap into their existing follower base and engage with a broader audience. This integration opens up new avenues for individuals, creators, and businesses to extend their reach and establish a presence beyond Twitter. With Threads's ability to combine the visual appeal of Instagram with the conversational nature of Twitter, users can leverage the strengths of both platforms to enhance their visibility and connect with a wider range of users across different social media networks. Meta's strategic approach of connecting Threads with Instagram underscores their commitment to creating a comprehensive social media ecosystem that caters to diverse user needs and preferences.

4. Instagram Content Rules

As Threads is closely tied to Instagram, it is important to understand that the app will adhere to Instagram's existing content rules and guidelines. While Threads aims to capture the essence of Twitter, it will operate within the framework and policies set by Instagram to maintain a safe and positive user experience. This means that users can expect similar guidelines regarding hate speech, harassment, nudity, and other forms of prohibited content. By aligning with Instagram's content rules, Meta ensures a consistent approach to moderating and regulating user-generated content on both platforms. It also provides users with a familiar environment, particularly for those who are already accustomed to Instagram's content policies. As Threads evolves and grows, it is likely that additional guidelines specific to the platform will be introduced to ensure the maintenance of a healthy and engaging community for all users.

5. Other Layout and User Changes

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, Threads introduces some notable layout and user changes that set it apart from Twitter. Meta has made efforts to enhance the user experience and offer a fresh take on social media interactions. The app incorporates a streamlined and intuitive interface, drawing inspiration from Instagram's navigation system. This user-friendly design aims to make browsing and engaging with content on Threads a seamless and enjoyable experience. Moreover, Threads introduces new user-centric features, such as the ability to reply, repost, and quote other users' posts, similar to Twitter's functionality. These additions provide users with more flexibility in expressing their thoughts and interacting with others within the app. By combining familiar elements from both Instagram and Twitter while introducing new layout and user changes, Meta aims to deliver a unique and engaging social media experience on Threads.

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