Rev Up Your Listings and Maximize Performance! Discover the Power of Merging Vehicle Listings and Performance Max Ads on Google

September 12th 2023 by Click Here Digital

Today's Tech Tip for you is talking about all things Google coming in September. So Google's making waves starting again with a highly anticipated vehicle listing ads and performance max merger starting on September first. This transition is expected to start on the first of that month and be completed by the end of September. What we’re recommending and google partners are as well is to let the account auto upgrade to this newest ad type that will let you better serve your inventory and performance max campaigns. With all machine learning products we expect over time google will continue to develop and improve the product and performance we see out of these two highly anticipated ad types.

If you need help or have any questions or you just want to learn more about google’s product road map Click Here Digital is your partner to support you. As always, happy to have you and we'll see you guys next week!

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