What Is A Google Premier Partner? And Why You Need One

If you want to get the most out of your advertising dollars, it's best to work with an agency that is a certified Google Premier Partner. An agency with Google Premier Partner status will be able to deliver better campaigns that will stretch every dollar of your budget.

What's a Google Partner?

Google Partners is a marketing program created to reward and assist the best of the best digital advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals around the world. When you become a Google Partner, you get exclusive access to a range of benefits including special events and training, industry research, and much more. It isn’t an easy process to earn Google Partner status, however. About 10% of all agencies worldwide are Google Partners and only the top 3% of those are Google Premier Partners.

How Does an Agency Become A Google Partner?

It's no easy feat to become a Google Partner. Not only must individuals in an agency take numerous courses and pass a number of tests, but the business must also prove it can meet strict requirements in order to become achieve partner status. Agencies must keep current multiple Google certifications in order to claim these proficiencies. Certifications include assessments and tests on multiple Google products such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads. But that’s just the process of becoming a Google Partner. Getting to the next level is even tougher!

What Are The Different Levels of Google Partnerships?

There are two types of Google Partnerships statuses an agency can earn:

Google Partnership

Benefits include:

  • Eligibility for dedicated account management
  • Google Partners Badge
  • Listing in Google Partner Search
  • Client event support
  • Agency competitions

Google Premier Partnership

Benefits include:

  • ALL of the above benefits PLUS...
  • Executive Business Trainings
  • Dedicated Support Reps and Teams
  • Annual Partners Summit and Review
  • And much more!

What's the Difference Between Google Partner and Google Premier Partner?

In short, a Google Premier Partner has met and exceeded all Google Partner requirements AND has demonstrated continuous success in achieving the following three requirements:

  • Certifications
  • Ad Spend
  • Performance

Google Premier Partner Agencies are required to uphold current certifications for their teams and meet or exceed requirements set by Google for both spend and performance. Though this standard is not easily met, the benefits of becoming a Google Premier Partner are far worth the investment.

What Benefits Does a Google Premier Partnership Offer Your Business?

When you sign up with a digital advertising agency or professional who sports the Google Premier Partners badge, you can expect to immediately benefit from advanced tools, expert resources and technologies, and exclusive support that other agencies don’t have access to. Some of the reasons why your business could benefit from a Google Premier Partnership include:

  • Google Premier Partners are experts
  • They work directly with Google
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest SEM/PPC trends & tech
  • Google Premier Partners have speed-to-market on their side
  • Get exclusive access to beta features and tests

How Do I Get Access to a Google Premier Partner?

Access to a Google Premier Partner

Look for the badge! An agency with Google Premier Partnership will have a badge similar to the one shown above or on the Homepage of our website. You can also search by location to find the best digital marketing agencies near you using the Google Partners database.

Work With a Google Premier Partner

It's important that you find a quality digital marketing company that is also a Google Premier Partner. If you want the best performance and results from your campaigns, you need a top paid search agency and SEO agency that's recognized by Google.

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