Unlocking Success: The Critical Importance of a Full Funnel Digital Marketing Strategy!

September 25th 2023 by Click Here Digital

Today we’re going to talk about why it's so important for you to have a full funnel digital marketing strategy.

At Click Here Digital we like to picture your customers journey as a funnel: at the top you have potential consumers who are just discovering your brand. These are what we call your upper funnel prospects.

Here's why upper funnel tactics are crucial. They create brand awareness for your consumers. Think social media ads, audio ads like spotify and pandora, and even streaming services like Hulu, Roku, and Amazon. These strategies grab attention and plant a seed of interest.

Now let's dive into the lower funnel. This is where potential customers are closer to making their decision. Maybe they've already clicked on your ad, visited your website, or engaged with your brand in another way. You need strong lower funnel tactics like paid search, retargeting ads, and email marketing. But why both? Because a full funnel approach means you're fully present at every stage. It’s like having a conversation. You introduce yourself at the top, build trust in the middle, and seal the deal at the bottom.

So, when youre looking at your marketing strategy remember a full funnel marketing strategy ensures that you're there at every step of the way, guiding your customers to conversion, be savvy, be present, and watch your success sour!

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