Unlocking the Power of CTV Advertising: 4 Reasons Click Here Digital is Your Ultimate Choice

May 14th 2024 by Click Here Digital

In our increasingly interconnected world, the avenues for connecting with your audience expand, offering diverse opportunities like never before. Among the latest entrants in the advertising realm are Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top programming (OTT).

The growth of CTV over the past decade has been remarkable, with an average annual increase of over 25% in viewership. According to industry reports, CTV penetration in households has surged, with a notable 150% increase in the last five years alone. This trend underscores the growing preference for online streaming services over conventional television.

At Click Here Digital, we recognize the significance of this shift, which is why we've established a dedicated Streaming TV Advertising division. Here, we highlight four compelling reasons to incorporate CTV and OTT into your advertising strategies.

1. Real-Time Metrics with CTV

    1. CTV and linear TV offer distinct advantages for advertisers. Unlike traditional TV buys, where performance and metrics visibility is often limited, CTV campaigns provide real-time metrics akin to digital advertising, facilitating informed decision-making. Click Here Digital streamlines CTV strategy integration, optimizing budget for enhanced performance and conversions. Our customized portal offers placement breakdowns and daily performance reports, empowering advertisers to adjust strategies and maximize ROI. Platforms like Hulu, Amazon, Roku, YouTube TV, and ESPN enjoy high viewership, with over 70% of adults watching video content on connected TV devices weekly.

Real-Time Metrics with CTV

2. CTV/OTT Streaming: The Fastest-Growing Channel in Advertising

    1. The growth of CTV was already underway before the onset of COVID-19, but the pandemic-induced lockdowns accelerated this trend, leading to widespread CTV adoption in households nationwide. According to recent studies, cord-cutting has reached unprecedented levels, with over 30% of households in the United States having abandoned traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services. This surge shows no signs of abating, reflecting a significant shift towards online streaming as the primary source of entertainment for consumers.
    2.  Additionally, younger generations, often referred to as "cord-nevers," are contributing to this trend, with over 50% of millennials and Gen Z individuals having never subscribed to traditional cable or satellite TV services, opting for streaming platforms from the outset. This demographic's preference for on-demand, personalized content further underscores the importance of CTV and OTT advertising in reaching modern audiences.
    3. The popularity of platforms such as Hulu, Amazon, Roku, YouTube TV, and ESPN has contributed significantly to the exponential growth of CTV advertising. These platforms collectively command a substantial portion of the market share, with viewership numbers consistently surpassing traditional linear TV.

3. Direct Integration with OTT Providers

    1. While OTT presents unique challenges, such as market fragmentation and device diversity, at Click Here Digital, we see these hurdles as opportunities for forging closer partnerships with content providers. Leveraging our extensive network of relationships with a diverse array of brands and channels, ranging from ESPN to Roku, Amazon to YouTube TV, we ensure that your ads reach audiences across all CTV screens seamlessly and enable maximum exposure for your brand.
    2. The impact of CTV advertising is undeniable. Studies have shown that CTV ads drive higher engagement rates compared to traditional TV ads, with an average completion rate of over 90%. Additionally, targeted CTV campaigns have been found to increase purchase intent by up to 40%, showcasing the effectiveness of this advertising medium in driving consumer action. With Click Here Digital, you not only gain access to premium CTV inventory but also harness the power of targeted advertising to drive meaningful results for your brand.

Direct Integration with OTT Providers

4. We Do Connected TV Differently: Unmatched Access & Reporting

    1. At Click Here Digital, we stand out in the realm of CTV and OTT marketing. Our expertise is unmatched, thanks to strategic partnerships with industry giants like Google and Amazon. When you choose our services, you're not just tapping into our proficiency in CTV and OTT advertising; you're also gaining access to a dedicated team of professionals spanning various online marketing disciplines, including SEO, SEM, and social media. Our proprietary reporting software ensures transparency in your ad spend, while our extensive experience in online advertising guarantees that you stay ahead in this dynamic landscape.

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