Unlocking YouTube TV's Full Potential: A Comprehensive Knowledge Dive

October 9th 2023 by Click Here Digital

Hi! I'm Bella, the Director of Display and Video at Click Here Digital, and today we're talking about YouTube TV in our digitally driven era. Connected TV advertising is becoming increasingly more important as viewers shift from traditional TV to streaming on their smart TVs ,and YouTube TV has become a vital asset for businesses seeking to connect with their target audiences.

So what can you do with YouTube TV? The biggest advantage is being able to reach a diverse and engaged audience. YouTube TV boasts a broad viewership with over 100 live channels, as well as a wide collection of on demand entertainment. Not only do they have a channel for every interest, but they also have channels in certain languages, such as the Spanish package, which caters to the growing Spanish viewership on this app.

Next up is harnessing live advertising. One standout advantage of advertising on YouTube TV is the opportunity to engage with viewers in real time during live broadcasts, especially with YouTube TV's NFL Sunday Ticket that allows you to tap into a highly engaged audience as they tune in to their favorite football games. After that is precision targeting. Unlike the limitations when it comes to traditional TV, YouTube TV allows for more precision targeting, specifically with geo targeting, whether using cities, counties or zip codes.

Ensure you're showing the right message to the right users at the right time with budget flexibility. Thanks to our Premier Google Partnership, Click Here Digital is one of the first agencies able to utilize YouTube TV's Instant Reserve Program. This means that we're able to bypass the minimums with a quicker turnaround time, allowing us to immediately reserve YouTube TV inventory for our clients.

In-depth analytics is up next. While traditional TV is only able to provide broad reach estimates, we're able to provide real time reporting that includes views, view rates, watch times and costs per view via our internal portal. This helps our clients to stay up-to-date on the day-to-day performance of their YouTube TV campaigns. There are two different YouTube ad types we're able to offer to our clients: YouTube TV only and YouTube TV blended.

What's the Difference?

The YouTube TV only option allows us to target users watching YouTube TV or YouTube TV sports since this only targets the subscription based platform, and the CPMs are higher in this option. The YouTube blended option allows us to access more inventory and guarantees a lower CPM since it will reach users watching YouTube, TV, sports and regular content, as well as users watching the YouTube app on their smart TVs.

Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next week for our next Tech Tip!

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