Click Here Digital in the BR Business Report 2022 Top 100 Companies

August 23rd 2022 by Rachael Schuette, Content Marketer

With three decades of experience and the most cutting-edge technology, Click Here Digital is one of the most experienced digital marketing companies in America! Founded by Bo White in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we can proudly say our company stays true to its roots while evolving and constantly innovating within the digital world. Our awards and reviews speak for themselves!

Each year Click Here Digital continues to grow, and we’re incredibly proud to be recognized by the Baton Rouge Business Report's Top 100 Companies! This multimedia publishing company is dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, coverage of the Baton Rouge business scene by utilizing data and research.

To be featured by the Baton Rouge Business Report, a company must have a significant presence in the nine-parish Capital Region. Even though Click Here Digital has made it onto this list now several years in a row, this year is the best by far!

We Continue to Grow Tremendously Every Day

Click Here Digital is approaching $100M under management and is constantly hiring. We recently made an investment in a new building adjacent to our current headquarters in order to allow for more staff.

Our Company Plans to Develop Even Further

Bo White has ambitious plans for the company and will continue to guide the organization through its upcoming phase of expansion! He said it best:

"Click Here has realized incredible growth over the last several years—over 50% higher than the industry growth rate. We believe that we can continue to capture above-average growth and market share for the foreseeable future while still providing the highest levels of customer service that Click Here Digital is known for." - Bo White (CEO)

Furthermore, we’re continuing to expand each of our digital marketing departments, which include:

We’re also diving into TikTok ads and influencer marketing, as well as investing in our employees by providing on-site training and workshops!

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, with offices in West Palm Beach and remote team members all over the country, Click Here Digital has been a trusted partner of businesses seeking to rapidly grow their businesses for many, many years.

No matter what size your business is or what you do, taking advantage of our proven multi-channel marketing strategies will drastically change your business for the better! If you’re wondering why you should choose CHD, give us a call or schedule a demo today!our digital marketing departments

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