SEO Automotive Case Results: A Florida Ford Dealer’s Results with Click Here Digital

January 31st 2024 by Aspen

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, staying ahead in the SEO game is critical for any business, more so for a competitive industry like automotive. This case study covers how a Florida Ford dealership, revolutionized its online presence through a partnership with Click Here Digital.

The Challenge: Stagnation in a Competitive Market

Our Florida Ford dealer was facing a significant challenge, they were losing ground in market share and organic reach. Their primary objectives were clear: increase organic traffic, improve market share, and enhance conversion rates from existing traffic.

The Click Here Digital Impact

Upon transitioning to Click Here Digital, the dealership witnessed substantial improvements within the first six months. The before and after performance results were clear:

    • Organic Traffic and Visibility:

      • An 86% surge in clicks from search engines.

      • A 13% rise in organic visibility.

      • A 61.9% increase in clickthrough rate.

The Click Here Digital Method

The transformation wasn't accidental but a result of strategic steps taken by CHD including:

Website Structure: 

    • Making sure the pages on the site helped each other. Simple, but effective.

Google Business Profile Optimization:

    • Our first move was to maximize visibility within Google's Map Pack, a crucial step given the dealership's proximity to competitors.

Citation Corrections:

    • We ensured consistent and accurate information across all major citation providers including Google Business Profile, Facebook, Bing, and more.

Website Audit and Conversion Optimization:

    • An extensive audit identified opportunities to enhance conversion rates. We revamped the website navigation, calls-to-action (CTAs), and the content on priority pages to better resonate with the customer journey.

Optimizing Vehicle Search Result Pages:

    • Leveraging local search data, we optimized vehicle search result pages to appear in the local pack for transactional searches.

Focus on Priority Locations:

    • We created numerous location pages, capitalizing on the dealership’s advantageous position between large population centers.

Building Out Content Silos:

    • Silos of supporting pages were developed, linking to both location and transactional pages, thus amplifying our site-wide relevance.

Refreshing Existing Content:

    • Lastly, we updated decaying pages with fresh content, integrating them into our revamped site structure.

This case study illustrates how strategic SEO can pivot a business from stagnation to remarkable growth. By optimizing its online presence, correcting foundational errors, and refining their website optimization, the dealership not only achieved but exceeded their goals in organic results. 

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, staying content with the status quo is not an option. With the right partner, like Click Here Digital, and strategy, the road to digital dominance is not just a possibility, but a reality. 

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