Why Advertise on YouTube TV in 2023?

February 24th 2023 by Director of CTV

Over the past 10 years alone, TV viewership has drastically shifted away from traditional TV and more toward Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) streaming services. Not only are more people using CTV, but time spent watching continues to increase, which means you probably need to start thinking about OTT advertising and video advertising for your business if you haven't already! In 2023, the number of non-cable TV users (utilizing streaming platforms) are estimated to outnumber traditional TV users for the first time.

Along with increased viewership, CTV advertising spend has almost tripled since the pandemic began.

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV, first launched in April 2017, is a subscription streaming service that provides an alternative to traditional cable with live TV from over 100+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks as well as on demand shows, YouTube originals, and trending YouTube videos. Some of the networks available include ABC, Showtime, Fox, ESPN, NFL Network, and much more.

Using a form of OTT advertising, YouTube TV delivers ads directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices. With YouTube TV, we can tap into the most premium CTV inventories to reach target audiences at a scale, with robust data, optimizations and reporting.

YouTube TV vs YouTube On TV: What’s The Difference?

The difference between YouTube TV and YouTube on connected TV is that the YouTube app allows users to watch YouTube content on their device at no cost, but YouTube TV is a separate app that requires a paid subscription and offers live TV streaming from popular cable networks. Neither of these apps are exclusive to connected devices.

What are the Benefits of Advertising On YouTube TV 

YouTube TV has also seen major growth in the past two years, with an 80% watch time growth year over year, with the average daily logged-in user in the US spending 3.5 hours per day streaming YouTube and YouTube TV on connected TVs. More interestingly, up to 60% of YouTube TV subscribers can ONLY be reached through YouTube TV, meaning you could be missing out on a huge part of your intended audience if you aren’t advertising on Youtube TV!

Targeting Capabilities

  • Geographic Targeting
  • Demographic Audiences
  • In-market Shoppers
  • Device type
  • Top Performing Keywords

Access Premium Inventory

  • Access over 100+ broadcasters ranging from ABC and FOX to CNN, as well as premium publishers, cable and regional sports networks.

Multiple Ad Formats & Video Lengths

  • Ability to utilize both non-skippable ads (15 seconds or less) and bumper ads (6 seconds or less) to maximize your reach.

More Creative Freedom

  • Grab viewer attention with one-of-a-kind, engaging video creative.
  • We can even create the videos for you!

Appeal To Multi-Screen Viewers

  • When viewing YouTube on CTV devices, the majority of viewers use a second screen.
  • YouTube TV Encourages users to research your brand on a secondary screen (smartphone, tablet or laptop) by including visible URLs.

Cost Effective For Your Marketing Budget

  • Pay per view

Real-Time Transparent Reporting

  • Provides real-time analytics through DV360 & Click Here Digital Portal

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