Three Decades of Digital Expertise

History of Click Here Digital


The Dawn of the Internet

Bo White’s entrepreneurial spirit is sparked when, as an 18-year-old LSU student studying Information Technology, he sees great potential in the tech industry with the introduction of the Internet.
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Click Here Publishing: Origin

Bo White founds Click Here Publishing out of his LSU apartment in January 1993 as a website publishing company (the term “web design” has not yet emerged). Shortly after, Bo brings Chris Everett onto the team as his business partner. These are the days of slow dial-up Internet, years before Google existed, and a decade before smartphones.
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The Website Building Era

For the next few years, White and Everett build thousands of websites for businesses making their debut on the web. The duo also creates some of the earliest online databases for hospitals, the State of Louisiana, Supreme Court, and more.
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The Digital Marketing Pivot

The Internet changes forever when a California start-up, Google, arrives on the scene. White responds by shifting Click Here Publishing from website development to a first-mover in online marketing. The popularity of smartphones and social media is on the horizon.
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Ascending to Industry Leaders

As a 12+ year veteran in the digital space and experience working with Google, Facebook, and other large tech companies in their early-stages, Bo White consults major companies in New York, California, New Orleans and Las Vegas. White achieves great success in taking Beyond Commerce public with his partner Bob McNulty. White then returns to Louisiana and creates NewOrleans.com in a joint-partnership with Vegas.com, which are later sold to their respective cities. By its 20-year Anniversary, Click Here Publishing has become one of the first 50 official Google partners, an early adopter of Facebook advertising, and a leader in digital marketing.
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Click Here Digital: The Current Era

White pivots Click Here a third time to an elite digital consultancy by investing significantly in the company’s technology and reporting platform. With a long-overdue name change, Click Here Digital now focuses on larger clients that want to rapidly grow their businesses. In its third iteration, the company has experienced its largest growth since its inception. Click Here Digital currently services elite clients in the legal, automotive, medical and e-commerce sectors.
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A Bright Future

Click Here Digital’s future has never been more exciting. As elite Google and Facebook partners, 1 of 20 FCA approved agencies, and one the most experienced digital companies in the business, our elite client base is served by a talented team utilizing some of the most advanced ad-tech in the industry.

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